Spoil Your Partner With The Best Erotic Massage

Spoil Your Partner With The Best Erotic Massage

An erotic massage is the kind of massage one can give their partner in a bid to help them relax after a long day at work. It may also be used by couples who want to improve their sex life. However, such an event requires good planning so that both of you can enjoy it together. With this simple guide to best erotic massage then you can be sure of having an enjoyable event that you will always long for.erotic massage

Ways to make an erotic massage work perfectly

Ensure privacy

Privacy is one of the fundamental factors for this event to be a success. One should ensure they choose a day with less interruption. One can send the children away to a relative or a friend. Turning off all the phones will also ensure that your private massage session is not interrupted. Better still one can choose to go for a getaway with their partner.


The place where the massage will be done has to be very comfortable to create the relaxing mood. It should not be too hot neither should it be too cold, it should be optimum to ensure both of you enjoy the session. The room has to have plenty of space as well. The bed should be big enough since this type of massage works well when it is done on the bed.

Create a great ambiance

The setting of the room has to be romantic and sensual as well. One can use dim lights, use scented candles, and even play romantic music to create this ambiance. There are various types of massage candles available in the market which will go a long way in helping you create this romantic ambiance. This ambiance will create a romantic and relaxing mood for both you and your partner.

Prior preparations

Before one starts the massage it is essential that they are clean enough and feel fresh in order to get the most out of this massage. Both you and your partner can have a romantic bath together. You can incorporate the use of bath salts and also a candle to light things up. This will make both of you feel fresh and relaxed in order to enjoy the erotic massage.

Use essential oils

some bottles Essential oils are the best for this massage due to their aromatic properties. In this type of massage, the scent of these oils is necessary. The scents trigger production of neurochemicals which cause a change in moods. Some of the neurotransmitters released are endorphins. They are responsible for making someone feel good, satisfied and calm. Serotonin is also produced. It is responsible for better sleep and good mood. These oils may also be absorbed into the fat cells hence their medicinal properties are also made available to the body. This, when coupled with the massage, enhances production of heat and also helps in relaxing tensed muscles.

This massage is a good way of treating your partner to make them feel relaxed and spice up your sex life since it will be evident that you will end up making love after that sensual session.