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How To Improve Semen Quality

Semen quality may be affected by various factors such as lifestyle, environmental factors, long-term sickness, alcohol consumption, hormone problems, and smoking. Also, some medications may affect semen quality. Sperm health is based on factors like structure, quantity, and movement. In order for sperm to fertilize an egg, they have to move. They swim via the cervix, fallopian tube, and uterus of a woman. For you to be fertile, you have to ejaculate. Producing little sperm in a single ejaculating may be hard to get pregnant. Sperm usually have oval heads as well as long tails, which enable them to propel. The more sperm have a normal shape along with structure, the more you are likely to be fertile. outlined here are the effective ways on how to improve semen quality.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

There are various ways in which semen quality can be improved. One of the ways in maintaining a healthy weight. Being overweight is connected with lower sperm movement together with sperm count. To maintain semen quality, you should have a standard weight. The second way is eating healthy food. In order to improve semen quality, one should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits as well since they contain antioxidants that improve semen health. The third way is managing stress.

Manage Stress

Stress is linked with interfering with hormones required in the production of sperm and also lower sexual function. Another way is decreasing alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking of alcohol is linked to affecting fertility. Drinking alcohol in large quantities may lower semen quality. Also, it may cause erectile dysfunction in men.

Control and Treat STIs

Preventing sexually transmitted infections may improve semen quality. For instance, gonorrhea along with chlamydia may result in poor semen quality. Preventing these diseases will improve your sexual life and also improve your semen quality.

Exercise regularly

Another way is exercising regularly, which helps in boosting testosterone as well as improving semen quality. Being physically active plays a key role in improving semen quality.

Consume Healthy Foods

There are various foods that help in improving semen quality. This includes eggs, spinach, pumpkin seeds, maca roots, bananas, walnuts, and dark chocolate. Also, for rich in zinc are essential in improving semen quality. They include beans, red meat, and barleys. Also, get enough vitamin c which is linked to improving semen quality.

There are many ways that are linked to improving semen quality. It is very important for men to keep a healthy lifestyle, reduce alcohol intake, quit smoking, exercise, and eat healthy foods. It is very crucial to understand the factors that affect semen quality. Also, it is beneficial to know how to improve semen quality.…