Month: April 2017

Useful Tips On Buying The Best Sex Toys

If you feel like your sex life is gradually becoming a bit stale and predictable, you should probably consider spicing it up a bit. One of the best ways of doing that is to bring various toys into your sex life. These toys can lead both you and your partner to a brand new and exciting world of sexual pleasures and discovery and are the perfect means of spicing up the action between the sheets. If you don’t have any experience buying sex toys, then this article is for you, as we will list some useful tips on how to choose the best sex toy.

Always keep in mind, though, that, before you make any purchase, you should always talk with your partner and get their toy

Things to consider when looking for sex toys to buy

Do some research

Just like buying anything else for the first time, buying sex toys also requires some research. By research, we mean that you should consider the kind of pleasure and the kind of stimulation you are after. The best and simplest way of doing this would be through self-pleasure. This is definitely the easiest way of figuring just how well you enjoy the stimulation and it will greatly help you in narrowing down your list of options. If you are looking for a sex toy that will work for both you and your partner, first, you will have to be comfortable with self-pleasure. If you are someone who is not very comfortable with it, you cannot expect a sex toy to improve your pleasure, and with that, your sex life.


When making a purchase, you will have to know whether you are buying a sex toy for exclusively your own pleasure, for both yours and your partner’s pleasure or exclusively theirs. This is very important because some toys are designed for solo use, whereas some are designed to be used by both partners.

Some people tend to use their personal toys together. Others try to strike the perfect balance and find one sex toy that both of them can use. In the end, it is all about the personal preferences, but keep in mind that it is worth discussing and considering, so that both of you can experience great pleasures when using these toys.

The materials

jelly rubberWhen speaking of the materials, make sure to avoid toys made out of “jelly rubber”. A lot of toys are made from this material, so make sure to pay lots of attention. The reason why you should avoid these is that this material is known to contain potentially hazardous “phthalates”, some of which can even be carcinogenic.

Instead, make sure to focus on the toys that are made out of silicone. This material is perfect for these toys as it is bacteria resistant and very flexible. The majority of toys made by the most reputable brands mostly consist of silicone. Thanks to the properties of silicone, these toys are comfortable and soft, as well as very easy to clean and maintain. You can also find plenty of toys made out of glass and metal. While these are perfectly smooth and very high-quality, keep in mind that some of them can cause certain allergic reactions.

Beware of fakes

Last, but not least, in order to ensure perfect safety for both you and your partner, make sure to purchase only verified and certified products. It is no secret that the sex toy industry is full of swindlers who tend to offer poor copies of the originals. The risks paused by fake toys is of concern owing to the fact that the materials used by some of them are questionable and may lead to allergy or other related problems. Therefore, buy only from trusted and reputable retailers and avoid shady ones.…